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>>Version 1.1 is now available

30 March 2010

Version 1.1 of Grsync s now avalaible for download. For this version, there is only one file that should works on all Intel Mac (Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard). This version uses a native version of GTK that does not require a X server. Don’t hesitate to contact me if this version does not work on your system.

Changelog (from the official Grsync’s website) :

- "Use tray icon" preferences option added
- script upgraded
- Modified to exclude subversion directories from the tar distribution file, other - small fixes
- Added —protect-args option, on by default, solves the "remote filename with spaces" problem
- Fixed bug: doesn’t save "itemized changes list" option
- French translation updated (Thanks François)
- Added mime type definition for grsync session files with icon
- Updated desktop file to open session files with "grsync -i"
- Made some fixes which could make grsync more stable on some systems
- Added "run as superuser" extra options switch, uses "pkexec" from policykit
- Added rsync child watch function
- Added rsync process exit status output
- Fixed behaviour when rsync window is closed not by using the close button
- Added "contribute" menu item
- Added workaround for freebsd and mac os X glib child watch problem
- Fixed scrolling to end on pause

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