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>>Version 0.92 is now available

6 October 2009

Version 0.92 of Grsync s now avalaible for download. For this version, there is only one file that should works on all Intel Mac (Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard). This version uses a native version of GTK that does not require a X server. Don’t hesitate to contact me if this version does not work on your system.

Changelog (from the official Grsync’s website) :

- grsync-batch: added itemize-changes option which was missing in 0.9.1
- Small fix to the pause button showing as "play" instead of "pause" in some occasions
- Catalan translation added (thanks Josep)
- "-s" command line option added, stays open on success
- Gtkbuilder xml file updated for glade 3.6.7
- Fixed bug: when wrong session specified on the command line with "-e", executes default session instead of nothing
- Fixed bug: grsync can’t start when compiled against gtk >= 2.16.6
- Now prints an error and exits when unable to correctly load gtkbuilder xml file
- Dutch translation updated (thanks Frank)
- Italian translation updated
- Manpage updated

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